Business Development Department

This department focuses on three main issues:

  • Marketing – manages all the marketing activities of the company, plus handling prospective customers on one hand, and existing customers on the other.
  • Sales – accompanying all new customers from the conceptual stage to its conclusion.
  • Business development – building partnerships with other companies that provide consulting or complementary services to clients, and integration of third-parties in “Eshkol”.

R & D Department

The department of the future – the “Brain” of the company. This department is responsible for all the technological advances of “Eshkol”. The department’s function is to forecast the future and to ensure that Maxsoft’s customers will always enjoy technological and functional advancements.

IT Department

“The company’s legs” The department consists of the database people and the system people, responsible for all the company’s ongoing computing activities on the one hand, and maintenance of the systems at the customers’ sites on the other. With proper and ongoing maintenance,  they save the customers from future problems. The department’s team regularly undergoes training in order to keep abreast of all ongoing technological changes.

Support Department (Help Desk)

This department handles all customers’ telephone inquiries during office hours. Customers’ requests are transferred to the relevant person who, in turn, provides him with a complete solution.


The company has been managed by Dr. Shalom Breuersince 1996. Shalom ‘grew up’ in the company and has held several positions including: developer, team leader, development manager, etc. As CEO, he is involved in every aspect of the professional development of the software, as well as many changes and process improvements for the customers.