IT services

Maxsoft provides support services for computer networks and end-user workstations on an immediate availability basis, through a professional team, so you can get back to work at maximum speed and without interference.
Maxsoft has a team of professional support staff who can provide you with a quick response, whether using remote access and troubleshooting or through a technical service person who will come to your site and rapidly get you to back work.

In order to avoid dependence on technicians and in the reality of breakdowns that stop work, we insist on “preventive maintenance” for IT systems and end-user workstations.
Maxsoft’s services will afford you peace of mind and the ability to focus on the organization’s business activity . The rest of the technical issues we will solve for you.

The main services:
Servicing end-user workstations;
▪ Upgrade computers and workstations;
▪ Troubleshooting communications problems;
▪ Remote support;
▪ Backup management;
▪ Ongoing maintenance of servers and end-user workstations;
▪ Implementation of hardware and software updates;
▪ Installation of new software;
▪ Mail and diary management;
▪ Support for operation of computer applications (Word, Excel, etc.);
▪ Support for local or departmental printers;
▪ Backups to the cloud.