Information Systems


Maxsoft has been working in the field of computing and information systems for decades. With the progress of technology on the one hand, and the need to provide quality service on the other, we have expanded the range of services we provide to our customers. The company, which previously dealt only with software, currently handles a wide range of services in the entire computing field. Maxsoft’s staff undergoes many different training programs in order to provide an extensive package of services for every need of a company’s operations and information systems.

Maxsoft suggests you think differently and outsource the management of your information systems – whether if you lack the budget or the volume of activity that justifies a full-timeIT manager, or whether you have a IT manager who needs professional support and regular back up.

Information systems management services provide a means of addressing a variety of tasks and new technology needs, using leading professionals in their fields. The services are performed according to the customer’s requirements and subject to SLA definitions that are determined jointly with the client.
IT management is a role of ever-increasing importance in the organization. Maxsoft offers these services, tailor-made to the needs of your organization.

The Main components are:
▪ IT Manager;
▪ Monitoring and quality control of information systems;
▪ Ongoing contact with suppliers of hardware and software;;
▪ Infrastructure management – servers, operating systems, hardware and communications;
▪ Applications Management;
▪ Characterization of processes and solutions.
The advantages of Maxsoft are many. Here are just a few:

Personal and flexible service – Maxsoft customers enjoy service via a dedicated contact person, who handles all the organization’s needs quickly and efficiently, directly with the end users;
Experience – Maxsoft has many years of experience in the field and continues to stay on top of all the new technologies in the market;
Personal responsibility – Maxsoft is a one-stop-shop for all the customer’s computing needs; even if the error lies with a third party, Maxsoft will deal with the problem until it’s resolved;
Rapid response time – Maxsoft’s professional staff will provide a rapid and immediate solution through any means: phone, remote connection or by representatives of the company arriving at the customer’s site.
Professionalism – Maxsoft customers enjoy the services of high-quality professionals who are constantly updated on the frequent changes in technology.


  • Taking full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the your company’s computer system from start to finish;
  • Provision of services by tasks/projects, while meeting the required level of service;
  • Accepting comprehensive responsibility for the quality of service including the services under the responsibility of subcontractors;
  • Supplying ongoing professional advice on all matters directly or indirectly related to information systems;
  • Design and implementation of interfaces to and from satellite systems.


The consultancy process provides management with preliminary design of information systems and technology, which enables an organization to achieve business advantages in a competitive market, alongside improving customer service, streamlining organizational processes and achieving operational savings.
The consultation process is an important component of the business planning of any organization. It’s aim is to ensure full compatibility between business and organizational goals and the organization’s technologies.
At the same time, improving the organization’s service and user training are also very significant, in order to facilitate ongoing work, reducing breakdowns to a minimum, preventing frustration and wasting valuable working time during the workday.

As part of this process a number of elements will be tested:


  • Definition of the technological vision, strategy of information systems and information systems architecture which is derived from this strategy;
  • Definition of a long-term plan for computerization and details of the products at the technological level – integration and development plan and defining resources required to meet the long-term plan.
  • Implementation process definition and implementation

The beginning of the process will be carried out by meeting with key people in the organization. These meetings will allow us to learn about the organization, its processes and ongoing dealings with existing IT systems. We will conduct a thorough and comprehensive examination of the existing infrastructure and IT systems. A company representative will perform a complete mapping process of servers and workstations. In addition, we will monitor server performance and information loads. In addition, we will examine information security and backup quality.

At the end of the process we will compile a list of all the problems and possible solutions, and recommend a course of action needed to treat the problems identified on the one hand, and respond appropriately to the needs of the organization on the other. In addition, we will present a budget estimate for implementation of the recommended action plan, according to the budget defined by the management.

User Training

We are all familiar with the reality of our employees using all kinds of different programs, but not really knowing how to exploit them for their easy and efficient use.
After examination of the state of the users, an organized training program will be prepared. The plan will be approved by management and will be carried out according to a defined schedule. At the end of the process, we will be able to enjoy more efficient work in the organization.